Tu-tu and Tongtong
Season 4, Episode 26
Air date May 24, 2012
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Tu-tu and Tongtong — twenty sixth episode of the fourth season animated series Pororo the Little Penguin.

Plot Edit

Today is picnic day! Everyone is on the train that Tu-tu is pulling to go on a picnic.Pororo ask Tu-tu to go a little faster but Tu-tu goes too fast and gets into an accident. Tu-tu crashes into a tree and loses consciousness. Eddy tries all he can to fix Tu-Tu. However, Tu-Tu is still broken because his engine won't work. So, Pororo and friends bring Tu-Tu to Tong-Tong. Tong-Tong uses magic on Tu-Tu. However, there are side effects. Tong-Tong tries to fix Tu-Tu but Tu-Tu keeps transforming into something else. One day, Tong-Tong and Tu-Tu go to find an ingredient. However, when Tong-Tong gets the ingredient, the he is falling. Tu-Tu transforms into a plane to save Tong-Tong. Tu-Tu decides that he will live at Tong-Tong's house.

Trivia Edit

  • Is the last episode where Tu-tu appears in Season 4. Tu-tu will make her second appearance in "Let's Go to Tongtong's House!", the Season 5 tenth-sixth episode.
  • Tu-tu is the second character to inflate himself. The first was Poby in "Flying Poby".
  • Is the last Season 4 episode.


Pororo S4 26 Tu-tu and Tong Tong

Pororo S4 26 Tu-tu and Tong Tong