Strange soccer
Season 3, Episode 12
Strange soccer
Air date June 9, 2009
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Strange soccer — twelfth episode of the third season animated series Pororo The Little Penguin.

Plot Edit

Today Pororo and friends are playing soccer on the beach. It's Pororo's team against Eddy's team. At first Pororo's team is winning 2:0. But Eddy's team is starting to catch up. They are all playing the game at their best. It's Eddy's team that has the ball. The score is 2:2. As the game becomes more and more exciting Tong-Tong turns into a large size dragon. Eddy kicks the ball, and Tong-Tong bounces the ball with his stomach. The ball flies all the way to the shark who was watching the match with binoculars and hits him on the nose. Will this be the end of the game?

Video Edit

Pororo S3 12 Strange soccer

Pororo S3 12 Strange soccer