Season 3
Country of Origin South Korea
No. of Episodes 52
Original Channel EBS1
Original Run May 4, 2009 - October 27, 2009
Season Chronology
Previous Season 2
Next Season 4

The third season of Pororo The Little Penguin was the third season of the series aired in EBS1.


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Theme SongsEdit


Far far away, somewhere unknown and untouched by human civilization, lies a forest covered with snow and ice. There is a small village deep inside this small forest, and inhabited by little animals. Right now... two new friends, Petty, a cheerful penguin lady, and Harry, a happy-go-lucky songbird join Pororo and the gang. There will be more adventures! More lessons! More fun! Watch what happens when the fun is added to the joyous adventures that continue.


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No. Ep. # Image Title Airdate
105 1
Popo and Pipi
"Popo and Pipi" May 4, 2009
Today Pororo and Crong are going to fly a plane that Eddy made.

Pororo and Crong cheer when they see the penguin shaped plane specially made for Pororo, but the others are a bit skeptical about whether it will fly or not. Ready~. Take off! The penguin shaped plane flies up in the sky! Oh no... Something went wrong and the plane crashes into the forest. Will Pororo and Crong be able come home safe and sound?

106 2
Everything looks amazing
"Everything looks amazing" May 5, 2009
Popo and Pipi who crash landed in Pororo's village find Loopy's house empty and enter it while the others are out. While waiting Popo and Pipi find something interesting- Loopy's paint brush. Popo observes the paint brush carefully but ends up putting it into his mouth. Surprised at the weird taste, he bursts out paint on to Pipi's face. Angry Pipi chases after Popo and Popo runs away. They knock down Loopy's table, flower shelf and the wall is stained with paint... Right then, Loopy and her friends come home! What will happen to Pipi and Popo?
107 3
Rody is born
"Rody is born" May 11, 2009
Dark night when everyone is asleep, Eddy is making something. He is making his assistant robot, Robot Eddy- Rody. But while Eddy falls asleep something goes wrong and the emergency warning light goes on and the alarm rings.

Without knowing this, Eddy proudly introduces Rody to his friends. Rody shows the others what he can do, but everything he does ends up to be a mistake after mistake. Something is going wrong...

108 4
Happy Rody
"Happy Rody" May 12, 2009
Eddy makes a house for his assistant robot Rody. Everyone else prepares a gift for Rody.

A party is thrown for Rody, and everyone congratulates him. But Rody finds out that he cannot eat cake or drink milk like the others and feels sad. He tries to drink milk but ends up spilling it on his face. Rody is broken. Eddy fixes Rody and the two spend the night together playing ball.

109 5
Toy plane
"Toy plane" May 18, 2009
Crong wants to play with Pororo's new toy plane. But it seems like Pororo doesn't want to share his new toy. Crong wants to play with the plane at any cost, so Pororo and Crong fight over the toy and Crong runs out with it. Will Pororo and ever learn how to share the new toy with their friends?
110 6
Dragon the magician
"Dragon the magician" May 19, 2009
Pororo and Crong fly far away to a strange place where Tongtong the magic dragon is living. Tongtong the magic dragon was feeling hungry and was trying to get food by using his magic. With many failure, Tongtong succeeds making an apple. But when he was just about to reach for the apple in the air, Crong who was flying by. Crong snatches the apple.

Without thinking that the apple belonged to someone, Pororo and Crong return to their village. But there is a fierce dragon following them. Rody, Pipi and Popo bravely face the dragon. Will the friends be alright?

111 7
I want to be a super hero
"I want to be a super hero" May 25, 2009
Pororo and Crong are playing "super hero". But Pororo wouldn't take turns playing super hero. Tired of always being the villain, Crong snatches Pororo's 'Hero' mark and runs off. Crong asks Rody to play. Crong is the hero and Rody is the villain with a mask. They go around all friends' house to show what a great hero Crong is but fail. And so Crong's grand plan to come out and save the day, just like a hero should do, is a failure. Will Crong ever get a chance to play a hero?
112 8
Mighty Harry
"Mighty Harry" May 26, 2009
Little dragon Tong-Tong is showing magic tricks to his friends today. Turning a cactus into a clock.... Tong-Tong turns into a clock instead. Trying to undo the magic, Tong-Tong turns into a doll. Tong-Tong's magic is a bit clumsy.

Harry asks this clumsy magician for help. He wants to become strong by magic. So Harry becomes the strongest bird in the world. but because of his over powered strength, he keeps on putting them in awkward situations. Harry asks Tong-Tong to undo the magic. But, the clumsy magician cannot undo his magic.

113 9
Catch the big fish
"Catch the big fish" June 1, 2009
Pororo and friends are fishing in the sea. Petty and Poby caught a big fish but Pororo and Eddy caught none. Soon after, Eddy's pole shows a sign. Rolling up his fishing pole, Eddy is disappointed to find a small fish on the end. Pororo makes fun of the size of the fish. Eddy snaps at Pororo saying that Pororo didn't even catch a fish as little as his. Angry at Eddy's remark, Pororo throws his fishing pole and jumps in the sea with a net. He comes out of the water with a big fish. Eddy jumps in with a net too. And so begins the competition.

But what will they do? A shark is near by watching them, drooling out of hunger....

114 10
It's my toy
"It's my toy" June 2, 2009
Pororo and friends are at Eddy's house. They are looking at a new toy Eddy made.

Pororo likes the new toy and asks Eddy to borrow it for a day. But Crong also wants to play with the toy. At home, Crong is holding the toy and Pororo is holding the remote controller of the toy. They will not share with one another. Crong gets angry and goes out. Snow falls down and Pororo is worried about Crong. Pororo goes out to find Crong. Everyone is gathered at Petty's house but there is no sign of Crong there. Snow keeps coming down and Pororo is worried. He regrets not sharing the toy with Crong. Where could Crong have gone?

115 11
Princess Loopy
"Princess Loopy" June 8, 2009
Friends are gathered at Loopy's house and she tells a tale.

Once upon a time in a beautiful palace, there lived a king named Harry and his two daughter, Petty and Loopy. Princess Loopy said that she will marry a prince who brings her all the precious treasures of the world. So the princes of the near kingdoms all came with the precious treasures to marry her. Prince Eddy brings an interesting robot Rody, Prince Tong-Tong brings a magic marble, and Prince Poby brings a magic violin... But none of them were enough to win Princess Loopy's heart. Finally Prince Pororo comes and takes Princess Loopy on a plane. Princess Loopy was taken by the plane ride, and picks Prince Pororo to be her groom. But when Pororo listens to this he stops Loopy and shouts 'Wait! What if I want to marry pretty Princess Petty?' Loopy gets angry. What will happen in the end?

116 12
Strange soccer
"Strange soccer" June 9, 2009
Today Pororo and friends are playing soccer on the beach. It's Pororo's team against Eddy's team. At first Pororo's team is winning 2:0. But Eddy's team is starting to catch up. They are all playing the game at their best.

It's Eddy's team that has the ball. The score is 2:2. As the game becomes more and more exciting Tong-Tong turns into a large size dragon. Eddy kicks the ball, and Tong-Tong bounces the ball with his stomach. The ball flies all the way to the shark who was watching the match with binoculars and hits him on the nose. Will this be the end of the game?

117 13
Watch out, Eddy!
"Watch out, Eddy!" June 15, 2009
Pororo and friends are making a snowman and having a snow fight in the forest. But the snow keeps on falling and it became hard to even take a step. Eddy and Rody come with a bulldozer to help their friends. Everyone is glad to see Eddy. They hop on the back of the bulldozer.

Eddy wants to show the power of his bulldozer and takes his friends up to an iceberg. The bulldozer reaches the iceberg's top, but the weight of the bulldozer causes the iceberg to break. The iceberg collapse in front and back of the bulldozer. And at last the middle part of the iceberg starts to crack. What will happen to Pororo and friends? Will they be able to come out of this crisis?

118 14
Cooking trouble
"Cooking trouble" June 16, 2009
Loopy is baking pie for her friends. Watching Loopy bake, Petty decides to bake some cookies. At last, Loopy and Petty's cake and cookies are done, and they invite their friends. Loopy's pie is served first and everyone enjoys it. Then Petty's cookies are served. Everyone happily puts the cookies in their mouths. But after one bite, no one seems to want more. Petty returns home disappointed. She is determined to bake a good tasting cookie. Funny tasting cookie, burnt cookie... Petty bakes through the night. And at last, she is successful. Excited at her success, Petty invites her friends and serves her cookie. Everyone hesitates at first but starts eating it one by one. They say that the cookie tastes great. Did Petty's effort really succeed?
119 15
Clumsy magician
"Clumsy magician" June 22, 2009
Pororo and Crong are on their way to Tongtong's house on their plane. Tongtong is at home trying to turn his wall clock into a new clock. But he is having a hard time using his magic. The wall clock turns small. Pororo and Crong come through the door. While Tongtong is greeting Pororo and Crong, the wall clock disappears. The clock was always skeptical about Tongtong's magic.

While looking for the disappeared clock, Crong finds a magic wand in a jar. Fascinated by the wand, Crong waves the wand and the wand casts a spell on Crong. Crong shrinks and falls into the jar. Crong barely climbs out of the jar but he turns into a doll this time. Will Crong be able turn back into himself again?

120 16
Weather forecast
"Weather forecast" June 23, 2009
Today Eddy made a weather forecasting machine. The weather forecasting machine is attached to Rody's back. It says that there will be strong winds blowing tomorrow. Everyone worries through the night at the forecast. It became morning but nothing happened to the others. Only Eddy says that he couldn't sleep because of the strong winds. Eddy turns on the weather machine while the others give a suspicious look. The machine says that there will be snow this time. The next day, everyone comes out of their house to find the forecast to be wrong again. Annoyed at the false forecast, they head to Eddy's house and find a pile of snow only on around Eddy's house! What happened?
121 17
Thanks, Eddy
"Thanks, Eddy" June 29, 2009
Popo and Pipi are fixing their space ship, but it is not going well. Eddy says that he will fix the space ship so that Popo and Pipi could go back home. Eddy starts fixing the space ship. At last the space ship is floating. But while test driving the space ship, one of the booster blows up. Puzzled Eddy tries to grab control but the other booster explodes and the ship crashes into the middle of a mountain. Everyone is hanging up side down in the space ship! Eddy doesn't give up. He goes back to fixing the space ship. Will Eddy be able to fix it before his friends get tired? Will Popo and Pipi be able to go back home?
122 18
Loopy's present
"Loopy's present" June 30, 2009
Eddy finally fixed Popo and Pipi's space ship. But when it was time to say good bye, Popo and Pipi, and the others are sad to part. Loopy gives Popo and Pipi a basket of cookies as a parting gift.

With Loopy's present, Popo and Pipi return to their home Pipo planet in their space ship. Popo and Pipi are glad to see their friends again. Pipi remembers Loopy's present and hands out the cookies to his friends. Friends at Pipo planet are unfamiliar with the cookies. Will they also like the cookies?

123 19
Play with Crong
"Play with Crong" July 6, 2009
While Pororo is taking a nap, Crong makes a wonderful castle out of building blocks. Crong wants to show his castle to Pororo and play with him. He tries to wake Pororo. But sleepy Pororo just briefly wakes up and reads a book that Crong gave him and falls back to sleep. Crong heads out of the house disappointed and finds the others playing badminton. Crong is not good at playing badminton so the others do not let him play. Poor Crong... Does anyone know what Crong is feeling right now?
124 20
Flying Poby
"Flying Poby" July 7, 2009
Everyone is playing rock-scissors-paper in front of Pororo's house. Tong-Tong comes from the sky to see them. Poby says that he is envious of Tong-Tong's ability to fly. Tong-Tong uses his magic to make Poby fly. Kurikuri Tongtongtong! Kurikuri Tongtongtong! Change! On Tong-Tong magic Poby's body rises and starts floating in air. But before Poby is happy about the fact he is flying, Tong-Tong says that he doesn't know the magic to put Poby down. Poby grabs on to a branch and asks Tong-Tong to undo his magic. Tong-Tong uses magic again. But Poby's body turns larger and Poby flies high into the sky.
125 21
Petty the red riding hood
"Petty the red riding hood" July 13, 2009
Once upon a time, there lived a little penguin wearing a red hood named Petty. Kind Petty is on her way to Uncle Poby's house with home made cookies. But three thieves, Eddy, Tongtong and Rody, who are chased by police Pororo and Crong, are trying to steal the cookies.

Eddy's gang try to lure Petty into the flower garden on her way to her uncle's house but fail. Eddy's gang head to her uncle's house to stop her. What will happen? Will Eddy's gang be able to steal the cookies? Or will police Pororo and Crong stop them?

126 22
Baseball star, Rody
"Baseball star, Rody" July 14, 2009
Eddy is throwing his baseball on the wall. He asks Rody to join him play baseball. But Rody doesn't know how to play baseball; He throws the ball in the wrong direction, or throws the ball too hard that Eddy is thrown away catching it. The others come and watch them play. Pororo says that he wants to play baseball with Rody. Eddy passes his glove to Pororo thinking that it will be fun to watch Pororo suffer. But what happened? Pororo and Rody are having a good time throwing the baseball. Eddy feels sore and wants to get back in the game. Will they be able to play baseball?
127 23
Playful Nyao
"Playful Nyao" July 20, 2009
Today everyone is going to Tong-Tong's house on Eddy's hot air balloon. At that time Tong-Tong is heading out to find a material to use for his magic wand to turn his cat doll Nyao into a tiger. Wall clock and Nyao are left alone in Tong-Tong's house. They end up chasing each other when Pororo and friends arrive at Tong-Tong's house.

Nyao and Wall clock pretend to be a doll and sit still. Petty picks up Nyao and says that it is a pretty looking doll. Nyao falls in love with Petty and tries to follow her home without Tong-Tong knowing... How will Nyao do that?

128 24
Petty and Nyao
"Petty and Nyao" July 21, 2009
Everyone is at Petty's house today. They are listening to Petty reading a fairy tale. Tong-Tong is getting ready to go to Petty's house. Nyao, the kitty is insisting on following Tong-Tong to Petty's house. Worried that Nyao would cause trouble, Tong-Tong says that Nyao can't go. But this doesn't stop Nyao from going. How will Nyao go to Petty's house? And what will happen there?
129 25
Mischievous wind
"Mischievous wind" July 27, 2009
Everyone is flying kite on the hill. But the wind blows too strong and the kite string breaks. Moreover, Loopy's pretty hat is blown off the cliff. Eddy and Rody step forward to get Loopy's hat. Rody stretches his arms and legs and makes a bridge all the way to the other side of the cliff! And Eddy is going on the bridge to bring back Loopy's hat! The wind is still blowing strong. Will Eddy and Rody be successful?
130 26
Poby is missing
"Poby is missing" July 28, 2009
Harry teaches Poby how to dance and sing, but Harry is not satisfied with Poby's performance. After being scolded by Harry, Poby quietly goes out of his house with a bag. Harry starts getting worried about Poby when he doesn't return after a while. He heads to Loopy's house with Pororo and Crong to see if Poby is there. He hears Petty say that Poby ran away, and thinks that it is all his fault. Poby was last seen by Petty at the ice lake. They head to the lake, but will Poby be there?
131 27
Loopy's doll
"Loopy's doll" August 3, 2009
Eddy accidentally drops one of Loopy's favorite bunny doll, Toto, on the floor. Loopy gets furious. When Loopy steps out of the house for a while, Eddy plays around with Toto has ruined Toto.

Sensing the trouble he is in, Eddy asks Pororo something... What will happen to Eddy? Will Loopy find out? Or will Eddy's wits help him through this crisis?

132 28
Singing Passion
"Singing Passion" August 4, 2009
When Poby keeps on yawning and can't seem to wake up one morning, Harry sings his favorite song to help wake Poby. But Poby can't stand the cracking voice of Harry. Poby gets ear plugs and falls asleep again. Harry finds out and gets upset. He runs out of the house and wanders in the forest. Tong-Tong comes along and says that he would like to listen to Harry's song. Will Tong-Tong really like Harry's song after he hears it? Will Poby be able to reconcile with Harry?
133 29
Amazing Magic Wand
"Amazing Magic Wand" August 10, 2009
Pororo and Crong come to Tong-Tong's house while Tong-Tong is out. They wait for Tong-Tong and fall asleep.

Zzzz~zzz~ Because of Pororo and Crong's snoring, the Clock and Nyao ask the magic wand to stop the noisy snore. Pororo and Crong end up being chased by the angry magic wand. What will happen to them?

134 30
You're the Best, Poby
"You're the Best, Poby" August 11, 2009
Crong breaks his toy car while playing with it. Pororo and Crong head to Poby's house for help, but Poby is already busy fixing Harry's house. Loopy is impressed with Poby's handy work and says that Poby is the best. Pororo gets jealous of Loopy's praise toward Poby and tries to prove that he can do what Poby does. Pororo tries to fix Loopy's broken clock but how can he fix a complicating clock when he can't even fix a simple toy car? Will he be able to fix Loopy's clock or will he end up disappointing Loopy?
135 31
Night Wonders
"Night Wonders" August 17, 2009
Crong likes Loopy's doll Toto. So he asks Loopy's permission to borrow the doll for one night. Crong gets to borrow the doll and he falls asleep with it in his bed. That night, like magic, Toto comes in front of Crong and leads him out of the house to ride a sled. On the sled ride Toto's hat is blown off by the wind. Crong wakes up in the morning. Was it all just a dream? How could it be a dream when Toto's hat is missing?
136 32
Where Did The Ball Go?
"Where Did The Ball Go?" August 18, 2009
Pororo and Crong played at the playground with their ball. They forgot about the ball and went home. When they returned to the playground to find their ball, it was lost. They couldn't find it anywhere. They tell their friends about the missing ball, and Eddy steps in to investigate where the ball had gone. Will Eddy and Rody's investigation find the missing ball?
137 33
Toy Frog
"Toy Frog" August 24, 2009
Eddy made a robot toy frog. But this frog is a hand full. Something in its part must have gone wrong. Eddy finally gets a hold of the leaping frog and turns it off. Eddy heads to Rody's house to find a missing part. Meanwhile, Pororo and Crong come to Eddy's house and find the frog robot on the table. Pororo gets curious and turns the frog on...
138 34
Scribble Fun
"Scribble Fun" August 25, 2009
While Pororo is out of the house, Crong scribbles on the wall with paint. Pororo gets angry when he returns home and Crong runs out to the playground. Pororo forgives Crong with the help of their friends at the playground. But when they all go to Eddy's house, they find Eddy's wall full of scribbles. Pororo gets angry and demands an explanation from Crong. What happened? Did Crong scribble around Eddy's house too?
139 35
Crong and the Shooting Star
"Crong and the Shooting Star" August 31, 2009
Pororo and friends are out watching the stars at night. A shooting star land near them and Crong takes the star home. He puts the star in a box and goes to sleep. Next morning, Crong is disappointed to find the light of the star disappeared. Harry suggests them to go to Tong-Tong for the answer. Pororo and Crong get on their plane to head for Tong-Tong's house with the star.
140 36
Got a cold?
"Got a cold?" September 1, 2009
Poby wakes up late one morning and accidentally drops a pepper shaker. With the pepper in the air, Poby's nose itches and he lets out a sneeze. Harry took Poby's sneezing the wrong way. He worries that Poby is coming down with a cold. Everyone is concerned. They come prepared with something to cure Poby's cold.
141 37
Strange Games
"Strange Games" September 7, 2009
Pororo and friends are out in the ocean fishing. The sharks are around and they surround the boat. Pororo and friends are in trouble! Eddy suggests playing a game. The winner gets what he wants. The shark accepts Eddy's rule. Pororo and the shark plays rock, scissors, paper and Pororo wins. The shark requests a rematch. This time the sharks choose what game to play. Will our friends be able to go home safely?
142 38
Best Friends
"Got a cold?" September 8, 2009
Today Pororo and Crong are making snowmen in front of their house. Pororo made his snowman looking just like Crong, and Crong made a snowman looking just like Pororo. They happily go in the house together. They start making dominoes, but when Crong accidentally ruin Pororo's domino, Pororo gets angry. Poby and Harry drop by when Pororo and Crong are fighting and chasing after one another. Will Poby and Harry be able to get Pororo and Crong back together?
143 39
Poby's Birthday
"Poby's Birthday" September 14, 2009
Today is Poby's birthday. Pororo and Crong are preparing Poby's presents. When Crong sees a teddy bear inside Pororo's train present, he wants to put one in his truck. Pororo heads to Poby's house alone. Crong stays home trying to put a teddy bear in his truck present. Crong shoves the bear in and breaks the truck.

Everyone else is at Poby's house waiting for Crong. They head to Pororo's house but Crong is not there. They find the Crong's present for Poby broken...

144 40
Eddy's Song
"Eddy's Song" September 15, 2009
Eddy and Rody were dancing and singing. Pororo and friends head to Eddy's house and hear Eddy's song. Eddy doesn't like singing in front of his friends because he is embarrassed, but when everyone asks him to sing, Eddy began. Is it because he was nervous? Eddy is not singing his song so well. Eddy runs out of his house to hide his embarrassment. The others feel bad about it and prepare a surprise event for Eddy...
145 41
Cloning Machine
"Cloning Machine" September 21, 2009
Everyone is enjoying Loopy's sandwich. When there is only one piece left, Eddy brings out his cloning machine to make more sandwiches. He puts a sandwich in the machine and...tah tah~ Sandwich is cloned. Eddy heads to tell the news to Rody. Crong comes by at Eddy's house and accidentally goes in the cloning machine. Now there are two Crongs! The two of them head home and when Pororo asks who the real Crong is, they start to fight. Eddy says that his machine can reverse the cloning and puts both of the Crongs in the machine again. But when the door opens... there are 4 Crongs coming out!
146 42
Cleaning Trouble
"Cleaning Trouble" September 22, 2009
Nyao was playing with a ball at Petty's house when he accidentally hits Petty's vase with the ball. Feeling sorry about what he did, Nyao decides to clean Petty's house while Petty is out. Unlike his intentions, Nyao ruins Petty's painting and her book while cleaning the house. Pororo and Crong come by and help Nyao clean the rest of the house. They hear Petty coming home when they did not finish cleaning. Will Nyao be able to finish what he started?
147 43
Strange Adventure
"Strange Adventure: Part 1" September 28, 2009
Poby is reading a tale. Long ago, Pororo, Crong and Harry lived in a small cabin. The three were singing and dancing to Pororo's accordion. Pororo stepped on a piece of wood and fell, hurting his arm. Crong and Harry head to the magician Eddy, living on top of a cliff to get a cure for Pororo. The magician tells Crong that he will need a magic cure for Pororo and that he will need Rody's help to get it. For letting Crong borrow Rody, Eddy the magician takes Harry with him and disappears. Crong returns to his house with Rody and realizes that he forgot to ask where to get the magic cure!
148 44
Strange Adventure- Part 2
"Strange Adventure: Part 2" September 29, 2009
Crong arrives on top of the cloud, in front of the magic castle. Crong heads to the castle where the wicked magician Tong-Tong lives. On his way he meets Petty who is looking for her friend Loopy. Petty says that Loopy was taken by the wicked magician Tong-Tong. They both head to the castle to save their friends. Crong bravely shoots arrows at Tong-Tong...What will happen to Crong and Petty. Will they save Loopy and get Pororo's cure?
149 45
Sled Race
"Sled Race" October 5, 2009
Everyone is out today for a sled race. The race was close, and Pororo and Crong's team came in first. Eddy and Rody's team came in second and Poby and Harry's team in third. Furious at losing the race, Eddy spent the night making a new sled.

The next morning, Eddy is having a rematch. On the starting signal Pororo and Eddy's team are racing. Eddy is about to lose, but he smiles and presses a button. Now...what will happen to the race? Will Eddy win the race this time?

150 46
Rody's Dream
"Rody's Dream" October 6, 2009
Eddy dreams of becoming famous in his dream. His friends come and wake him up and ask about what he was dreaming. Rody learns that his friends can dream and wants to dream in his sleep. But Eddy says that robots don't have dreams in their sleep.

Eddy shows his friends his new flying machine. The machine is strapped around Rody's back and helps him fly into the sky. Rody is launched up in the clouds. He meets King Pullala there. Strange how someone can be living there in the clouds. Is Rody having a dream just like Eddy?

151 47
Magic Potion- Part 1
"Magic Potion: Part 1" October 12, 2009
Tong-Tong is making one of his magic potions today. This time he is making one to turn Clock into a brand new clock. Instead of turning into a brand new clock, it turns into a police car. Tong-Tong makes a new magic potion, but Clock refuses to take it. When Pororo and friends arrive, Clock runs out and hides. Rody goes after Clock, and asks him to drink the new potion. Clock says that he'll drink the potion only if Rody drinks it first. Rody hesitates... and drinks the potion. What happened to Rody? He turned into a train!
152 48
Magic Potion- Part 2
"Magic Potion: Part 2" October 13, 2009
Everyone heads to the forest to get the fruit of the Sun tree that will cure Rody from the magic potion. In the forest, Pororo and friends meet mushrooms who threaten to eat all of them. Pororo and friends run into a cave to avoid the mushrooms but only find scary bats inside. They beg the bats to save them and that they needed the fruit of the Sun tree to save their friend Rody. The King Bat gets furious. The fruit of the Sun tree is a sacred treasure to the bats! Will the friends be able to get the fruit to save Rody?
153 49
Fun Picnic
"Fun Picnic" October 19, 2009
Today is the day Pororo and friends go on a picnic, but Poby and Harry over slept. Poby rushed to their meeting place and hurt his leg on the way. Poby can't walk so he tells his friends to go without him. But the others can't leave Poby alone. Eddy brings his car so that Poby wouldn't have to walk. On they go in Eddy's car. They are at a hill when Eddy's car comes to a stop. It's broken. With Poby in the car, the others pull the car up the hill...
154 50
Eddy's Got The Cold
"Eddy's Got The Cold" October 20, 2009
Everyone is at the playground playing hide and seek. When Eddy keeps on sneezing, everyone takes Eddy home to rest. Petty brings Eddy warm tea to drink but it tastes weird. Tong-Tong gives Eddy a magic potion for cold but it turns out to be a dancing potion. Poby thinks a good exercise will make Eddy feel better. He takes everyone for a run, but Eddy's cold gets worse. Everyone makes the last call and figures out a way to cure Eddy's cold. What will that be?
155 51
Snowy Day
"Snowy Day" October 26, 2009
To avoid the snow one day, Pororo and friends went into a cave. The cave had furniture in it, and food. Eddy was hungry and went for an apple on the dining table. Harry had some grape. All of a sudden a monster appeared and got mad at taking his food without permission. He said that Harry had to stay as a slave for the rest of his life. Pororo and friends ask for forgiveness. The monster says that he will ask two questions and if they get one of them right, they were safe to go. Pororo and friends try to solve the questions but the monster's questions and answers were all nonsense. Will Pororo and friends be able to save Harry from the monster?
156 52
Wonderful Playground
"Wonderful Playground" October 27, 2009
Pororo and friends are at the playground playing hide and seek. Poby is it. He finds everyone else but Petty. Petty is hiding inside the top of the playground where there are paintings of trees and flowers. Petty falls asleep and when she opens her eyes, she is surrounded by large leaves and beautiful trees. Petty talks with the leaves. She jumps on the leaves and has a good time. Then she hears someone call her name...

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