Season 2
Country of Origin South Korea
No. of Episodes 52
Original Channel EBS1
Original Run December 3, 2005 - May 28, 2006
Season Chronology
Previous Season 1
Next Season 3

The second season of Pororo The Little Penguin was the second season of the series aired in EBS1.


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Far far away, somewhere unknown and untouched by human civilization, lies a forest covered with snow and ice. There is a small village deep inside this small forest, and inhabited by little animals. Right now... two new friends, Petty, a cheerful penguin lady, and Harry, a happy-go-lucky songbird join Pororo and the gang. There will be more adventures! More lessons! More fun! Watch what happens when the fun is added to the joyous adventures that continue.


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No. Ep. # Image Title Airdate
53 1
Hello, Friends
"Hello, Friends" December 3, 2005
One shiny day in the Porong Porong forest, Pororo and friends were playing hide and seek. Pororo was hiding when Loopy was looking for her hidden friends. But instead of Loopy, a new friend named Petty found Pororo in his hiding place. Pororo introduce Petty to all of his friends, and everyone greeted sweet Petty with joy. Everyone is shy of Petty. Pororo asks her what brings her in town. She tells him that she is looking for a place to move here Until, her stomach rumbles and Loopy invites her dinner. So, Everybody joins them.
54 2
Petty's House
"Petty's House" December 4, 2005
One early morning Pororo heads out some where with Eddy and Poby with a shovel in his hand. Crong who had overslept runs out late, but in spite of Pororo's warning not to tell Loopy and Petty, Crong tells the girls the big secret. The truth is everyone was making a new house to surprise Petty. In the end Petty thanks her friends for her new house.
55 3
Learning How to Swim
"Learning How to Swim" December 10, 2005
Pororo and friends are out for a swim at the beach. Eddy is just watching his friends have fun in the water. Petty not knowing why Eddy isn't joining them in the water asks Eddy to come and swim with her. So Eddy decides to learn how to swim with all his friends cheering for him. However, Eddy still can't swim, even when his friends teach him. So, he makes a suit so that he can swim.
56 4
Poby the Photographer
"Poby the Photographer" December 11, 2005
One snowy day, Poby looked through his photo album and suddenly wants to take pictures of his friends. Poby heads out with his camera and captures all of his friends having a normal day; Pororo and Crong having a snow fight, Eddy making his invention, and Loopy baking her pie. After that Poby heads to Petty's house with Loopy. When he got there he found Petty making a mailbox. Poby helps paint the mailbox and...
57 5
It's a dinosaur!
"It's a dinosaur!" December 17, 2005
Pororo and friends go to Petty's house for a book reading. While reading books on dinosaurs, Crong finds out that dinosaus have become extinct and gets upset. Feeling alone and sad, Crong plays the dinosaur picture jigsaw puzzle. Everyone decides to become a dinosaur to cheer Crong up. Will this event make Crong happy?
58 6
Sailing in the Forest
"Sailing in the Forest" December 18, 2005
Eddy is up to something again. He makes a drawing of a boat that can float on water. All his friends went to make this boat by Eddy's drawing plan. Trimming wood and building a sail... and finally, a boat is made. But Pororo and friends finished their boat in the woods. How are they going to move it all the way to the ocean?
59 7
My Name is Harry
"My Name is Harry" December 24, 2005
Pororo and friends are at the beach playing soccer. The ball is kicked in to the ocean and when they went looking for it, they found a new friend there. His name is Harry. Harry was on his way to the Summer Island. Harry who loved to sing needed a place where he could sing freely. Pororo and friends persuaded Harry to live in the Porong Porong forest. Everyone is looking forward to hear this new friend's song but...
60 8
I Love Singing
"I Love Singing" December 25, 2005
Harry can sing through the night. He even sings while he's asleep. Harry and Poby couldn't get any sleep. In the morning, Poby decides to make a house for Harry. Pororo and friends held a party for Harry to congratulate him. Harry is deeply moved and starts to sing. He kept singing to show how happy he was.
61 9
Crong the Great Painter
"Crong the Great Painter" December 31, 2005
Crong is admiring a picture book with beautiful flower pictures in it. Crong starts drawing while Pororo was not in the house. Pororo comes home to find that the place was filled with scribbles. Pororo tells Crong to clean all the drawings. Pororo falls asleep in his cleaned house, and when he woke up he finds the place messed up again. There's even scribble on Pororo's stomach! Pororo goes to the playground to find Crong and...
62 10
A Pretty Hair Pin
"A Pretty Hair Pin" January 1, 2006
Loopy puts a pretty hair pin on her hair. To show her charming pin to everyone, Loopy first heads off to Pororo's house. But Pororo and Crong are too busy making dough nut to notice the pin. Eddy is busy with ice cream, and Poby and Harry are busy catching fish to see the pretty piece on Loopy's hair. Loopy is disappointed that nobody noticed her pin. At night, everyone heads to Loopy's house with the food they prepared for a party and...
63 11
I Can Fly
"I Can Fly" January 7, 2006
Eddy made a wooden board for his friends. Curious Pororo was just too happy and anxious to wait for the rest of his friends to arrive, and heads off to the mountains ahead. When the friends came they saw Pororo... flying? What happened? Did Pororo learn how to fly?
64 12
I Envy You
"I Envy You" January 8, 2006
One snowy day, Pororo and Crong are heavily moving firewood to their house. On their way home, they meet Poby. Poby easily helps them with the firewood and easily brings down Pororo's fishing pole off a shelf. One day, Pororo, Crong, and Poby go ice fishing. Pororo makes a normal hole on the ice. However, when Poby makes his hole, he hits the ice too strongly and the ice cracks around him. Poby falls into the water and his friends rescue him. In the end, Poby and friends are in Pororo's house.
65 13
The Biggest Snowman
"The Biggest Snowman" January 14, 2006
Everyone is making a snowman today. Eddy teased Harry for making a small snow ball. Harry got mad and flew up to Pororo. Harry tells Pororo that Eddy said he could make a bigger snowman than Pororo. Now Pororo and Eddy are competing with each other on who makes the biggest snowman. They roll a huge snow ball but it accidentally falls down into a cliff. Eventually, Harry confesses, Pororo and Eddy also apologize for teasing Harry. Who will make the biggest snowman?
66 14
Petty, You Are So Cool
"Petty, You Are So Cool" January 15, 2006
Today Pororo and friends are at Petty's house. Amazed by Petty turning the hula hoop, Pororo and Crong try but it seem a bit harder than they thought. Pororo and Crong then find a tennis ball on the table. They run up and down the house playing with the tennis ball that bounces higher than their heights. The ball hits one of the shelves and knocks down the books on it. Petty jumps up and catches the falling books. All the friends are surprised to see Petty having such quick motions...
67 15
Pororo Shrunk
"Pororo Shrunk" January 21, 2006
Today Pororo and friends are playing hide and seek. It's Poby's turn to find his friends. Harry had to change his hiding place because Pororo hid there before him. So Harry sang a song to reveal where Pororo was hiding. Pororo decides to play a trick on Harry. Pororo tells Harry to hide inside a mailbox and locks him in. Pororo goes into the house and hides. But everything seems a bit larger than usual today. Oh dear, what has happened? Pororo shrunk! However, it turns out to be a dream. Later, Pororo unlocks Harry from the mailbox and apologizes to him.
68 16
Shark Attack!
"Shark Attack!" January 22, 2006
Pororo and friends are fishing on a boat. Petty, Loopy, Pororo, Crong, Harry, and even Poby caught a fish. Eddy is the only one who didn't catch one. Eddy says he once caught a shark. He says that the shark was so big that the boat was dragged along. Just then a shark came up on Eddy's fishing pole and it recognizes Eddy. The shark smiles a wicked smile. What will happen to Pororo and friends?
69 17
Crong's First Word
"Crong's First Word" January 28, 2006
One fine day, Pororo and Crong are reading books. Crong imitates the way that Pororo read the book. Annoyed by Crong's imitation, Pororo takes away the book. Angry at this gesture, Crong keeps on imitating what Pororo said reading other books. Pororo hears Crong say his name while they have a feud. Pororo heads out to tell his friends that Crong is talking...
70 18
Shhh! It's a Secret
"Shhh! It's a Secret" January 29, 2006
The great inventor Eddy made a robot that does whatever it is told to do. While Eddy went out to call his friends, Pororo and Crong sneak in Eddy's house and turn the robot on. They fight over who gets to play with the robot and break it. Pororo and Crong try to fix the robot before Eddy arrives. They ask Poby for help and tell him not to say a word to Eddy that they broke the robot. Right then, Eddy arrives at the house with Loopy, Petty, and Harry…
71 19
Who Did This?
"Who Did This?" February 4, 2006
Pororo and Crong are supposed to clean the house today. But Crong pretends he's asleep and doesn't help Pororo. Moreover, Crong starts making snowman out of coal and gets the house, which Pororo cleaned, dirty again. Crong hides somewhere when he realized how angry Pororo would be when he got home. Pororo comes home and is furious. Will Pororo be able to find Crong today?
72 20
The Cook of Genius
"The Cook of Genius" February 5, 2006
Loopy who is the best cook in Porong Porong forest is making something new today. Loopy is happy just thinking about presenting her new menu to her friends. But Loopy accidentally puts too much salt in her cookie recipe. Everyone came to her house and Loopy not wanting her friends to get disappointed by her failure hides with her cookies. Loopy the master of cook is nervous that her friends might find out her mistake and…
73 21
Thanks, Harry!
"Thanks, Harry!" February 11, 2006
Pororo and friends went on a picnic on a train. On their arrival, Pororo and Crong went to find firewood, Eddy and Poby started to build an ice house, and Loopy and Petty started to prepare food. Harry wishes he could help but he is too small to do anything. A snow blizzard breaks out and Pororo and Crong still didn't come back from gathering firewood. Harry flies through the blizzard to find his friends…
74 22
I Am Not a Bed-Wetter
"I Am Not a Bed-Wetter" February 12, 2006
Crong drinks juice in the middle of the night and doesn't go to the restroom. Oh dear, Crong wet his bed. Pororo scolded Crong for wetting the bed. And when his friends came to see him with the wetted bedding, ashamed Crong hides. That night Crong goes to the restroom as Pororo tells him to, but Pororo falls asleep before he went to the restroom. Pororo wets his bed and asks Crong not to tell the others about it. Will Pororo be able to go to the potty before he goes back to bed in this episode?
75 23
I'm Super Crong
"I'm Super Crong" February 18, 2006
Crong loves his toy gun. He goes to the playground with his toy gun to show the rest of the friends. Everyone pretended to fall when they were shot by Crong's gun. Pororo was playing hide and seek when Crong came and surprised him with his gun. Pororo was startled and scolded Crong for surprising him. Crong heads home disappointed and Pororo regrets getting mad at Crong…
76 24
Snow White, Loopy
"Snow White, Loopy" February 19, 2006
Loopy is absorbed by the Snow white tale. She looks in the mirror and imagines herself to be the fairest of them all, and dreams of a prince to come to rescue her after eating an apple her friends brought for her. But she is disappointed when her friends keep bothering her sweet dreams. Does Pororo and friends know what Loopy is feeling right now or not?
77 25
Eddy on the Moon
"Eddy on the Moon" February 25, 2006
Eddy successfully lands on the Moon on his space shuttle. He turns at a sound and finds aliens there. Eddy gets scared meeting aliens and heads back home. But he gets lost in space, and on top of that, is short of fuel. The aliens appear and help Eddy by giving the fuel he needs. Eddy has made some interesting new friends at the Moon.
78 26
Crong Meets with a Seal
"Crong Meets with a Seal" February 26, 2006
Pororo and Crong went ice fishing one day and met a baby seal who was lost. Crong who was happy to have a friend for the first time, brings the lost baby seal home and has a great time with him. The next day Pororo, Crong and the baby seal go ice fishing to catch some fish for the seal. They meet the mother seal in search of her baby seal. Crong is sad to say good-bye to his new friend but is happy for the baby seal to finally meet its mother.
79 27
My Toy Fellas
"My Toy Fellas" March 4, 2006
Crong is playing with a new toy doll that Pororo gave him as a present. While playing with the doll, Crong accidentally breaks the doll's arm, and gets upset. That night Crong goes to the world of toy and becomes friends with toy dolls. They ride toy cars and fly in the sky in the toy plane.
80 28
Loopy and Petty
"Loopy and Petty" March 5, 2006
Loopy and Petty go out to ski. Petty is a skilled skier but Loopy keeps falling down. Petty bakes cookies for her friends and invites them over. But the cookies that Petty made are too salty for her friends to eat. Loopy practices skiing but she can't ski as well as Petty. And Petty practices baking cookies but the cookies are not as good as the ones made by Loopy. Maybe they should teach each other what they are good at…
81 29
Scary cookies
"Scary cookies" March 11, 2006
Eddy gets a cookie box, full of delicious cookies. Eddy doesn't want to share his cookies with his friends so he hides it deep in the forest and puts a monster plank on it. Eddy doesn't only fall over on his way back, but lies to his friends that he was attacked by a monster in the forest. Courageous Poby, Pororo and Crong set off to the forest to attack the monster who attacked Eddy.
82 30
Finding toy
"Finding toy" March 12, 2006
Crong's red toy car is his favorite toy. In his imagination, Crong drives through the mountains in his red car, crosses the sea and travels everywhere. One day, his favorite red car suddenly disappears. Crong and Pororo look for it everywhere in the house and their friends' houses but cannot find the car. Crong gets very depressed and…
83 31
Petty's secret friend
"Petty's secret friend" March 18, 2006
Petty follows Pororo and Crong to the mountains but gets lost because of the thick fog. While looking for her friends, Petty finds a mystery door and goes inside, where she meets a scary dragon. Soon, Petty cooks with the dragon. Meanwhile Pororo and Crong tell Poby, Loopy and Harry that Petty is missing. The dragon juggles some boulders and they almost fall on Petty. Petty's stomach growls and the dragon brings her food. So, Petty went out to find her friends. Because, it's a secret!
84 32
Don't do that!
"Don't do that!" March 19, 2006
Pororo decides to follow Crong around as he has more and more bad habits. Pororo tells Crong off when he scribbles on the floor, when doesn't clean up after playing with his toys or when he doesn't turn the tap off after washing his hands. Crong gets fed up with Pororo so he gets away from him and starts to snow sleigh dangerously by himself…
85 33
No more troubles!
"No more troubles!" March 25, 2006
Pororo decides to play all day with Crong today. But Crong destroys Pororo's blocks, disturb Pororo while he's reading a book and so on. Although they have little fights with each other, Pororo and Crong had an enjoyable day together.
86 34
You are not alone!
"You are not alone!" March 26, 2006
Poby is not used to living together with Harry. Poby makes a wooden box by himself, plays basketball and disturbs Harry's nap. Harry gets annoyed and damages Poby's painting, and disturbs Poby when he's listening to music. Poby goes fishing on his own to get away from Harry but soon becomes lonely without him, and Harry also gets bored without Poby.
87 35
Beautiful color land
"Beautiful color land" April 1, 2006
Pororo falls asleep while reading a color book to Crong. In their dreams, Pororo and Crong go to color land with the snowman fairy. They visit Eddy's yellow color land, Poby's green color land and Loopy's red color land and experience a beautiful rainbow color land.
88 36
Petty likes me the most
"Petty likes me the most" April 2, 2006
Everyone gathers at Eddy's house. Poby confesses to his friends that he thinks Petty likes him. However, everyone else says the same thing. Apparently, Petty told Poby that he's the king of fishing, told Eddy that he's a genius inventor a,told Crong that he was cute,and took care of Pororo while he was injured.They decide to go to Petty's hosue to find out the truthe but before they could Loopy interrupts everything.
89 37
Harry and Crong disappeared
"Harry and Crong disappeared" April 8, 2006
Harry is singing happily as usual, and Poby tells Harry that he has a headache and leaves him. Pororo tells Crong off for making a mess so Crong runs away from Pororo to Poby's house, and decide to leave to the summer island with Harry. Everyone gets worried when they find out that Crong and Harry are missing, whilst Harry and Crong meet a shark in the sea…
90 38
Loopy the Magician
"Loopy the Magician" April 9, 2006
Loopy reads a story about a witch making a magic soup, and decides to make one her self. After eating Loopy's soup, 'running soup', 'jumping soup', 'dancing excitedly', piggy soup', everyone are under her magic. But they soon find out that Loopy hasn't made the magic potion to undo the magic spell. Will Loopy be able to make a magic potion for her friends?
91 39
Friends from Outer Space
"Friends from Outer Space" April 15, 2006
One night, Pororo and friends find a light crossing and a flying object appear in the sky. It was the Aliens who helped Eddy come back from outer space that has come to the forest. They had made an emergency landing on Earth and Eddy helped them fix their space shuttle. Pororo and friends see their alien friends go back to where they came from and hope to meet them again someday.
92 40
Snowball ghost
"Snowball ghost" April 16, 2006
Pororo and Eddy are snowball fighting. When Pororo is better at throwing than him, Eddy gets angry and thinks of a way to get him back. He hides a cannon under the snow and throws snowballs at Pororo. Pororo and Crong think it's a ghost throwing snowballs and run away. While Loopy's passing by, she gets scared by the snowballs too and goes to Poby's house. After listening to the story, everyone leaves to look for the mystery snowball ghost. Will they find out that the snowball ghost is Eddy?
93 41
The Dragon comes to town
"The Dragon comes to town" April 22, 2006
The Dragon who became friends with Petty while she was lost in the forest, flies to Pororo village to see Petty. On his way, he finds Eddy and asks him the way to Petty's house. Eddy is shocked by the dragon, and without knowing that Petty and the dragon are friends, tells everyone that Petty's in danger. Pororo and friends go to save Petty from the dragon. What will happen between the dragon and friends?
94 42
Good Crong, Bad Crong
"Good Crong, Bad Crong" April 23, 2006
Loopy's having a party at her house and Pororo is trying to make some bread to take with him. Crong, on the other hand, is only looking for a chance to eat the bread. Pororo gives the bread to Crong and sends him to Loopy's house first. Crong gets confused when bad Crong tempts him to eat the bread and when good Crong tells him to share it with his friends. Will Crong eat the bread first?
95 43
Pig Pororo
"Pig Pororo" April 29, 2006
Pororo plays a trick on Crong who was sleeping, breaks Eddy's plane, eats all of Loopy's cookies, and runs off hiding. Everyone is mad at Pororo's prank. Pororo who wasn't sorry for what he did, gets punished by an unknown light and gets turned into a pig. Will Pororo stay a pig if he doesn't apologize to his friends?
96 44
A Snowy Day
"A Snowy Day" April 30, 2006
Today, Pororo and Crong are snow ball fighting. Eddy comes along and shows off his fur boots and umbrella. While Pororo and Crong are admiring his umbrella, it starts to snow heavily. Pororo, Crong and Eddy go to Poby's house to keep away from the snow, and find Loopy and Petty there. The snow doesn't stop all night, so everyone stays over at Poby's house and has a great time. The next morning, the snow stopped and Porong Porong forest was beautifully covered in snow.
97 45
Is Pororo sick?
"Is Pororo sick?" May 6, 2006
When Crong scribbles all over the house, Pororo gets angry and tells him off. Whilst Pororo goes to the bathroom, Crong makes a mess again. Pororo decides to pretend he's sick to teach Crong a lesson. Crong gets worried about Pororo and brings a doctor, who says Pororo needs an injection. Pororo gets scared and hides in the bathroom and runs away. Will Pororo apologize?
98 46
Do you need any help?
"Do you need any help?" May 7, 2006
Poby is a kind friend who always helps his friends. He finds Crong's toy car for him, saves Loopy's cactus from dying and makes a small stage for Harry to sing on. But Poby sometimes makes mistakes too. When Eddy's making a robot, he tries to connect wires together and makes an explosion. Then one day, he climbs a tree to get Petty's shuttlecock and slips… however, everyone loves Poby for who he is.
99 47
A Piece of Cake
"A Piece of Cake" May 13, 2006
Loopy goes to Pororo's house to give him some cake she made herself. But Crong is out in the playground and Pororo is alone. When Loopy leaves, Pororo eats his piece of cake and tries to eat Crong's piece as well. Pororo finds out that everyone's gathering at Poby's house and is worried that his friends will find out that he ate Crong's cake. So Pororo goes fishing with Crong instead, to get away from them. However, his friends come to the fishing place and Pororo tells Crong the truth and apologizes.
100 48
Robot cook
"Robot cook" May 14, 2006
Everyone's at Petty's house reading a book. Petty bakes some cookies for her friends, but they can't eat any because it tastes so bad. Eddy makes a robot cook for Petty who gets depressed. The robot cook makes delicious chocolate cookies for everyone, but Eddy forgot to make a device to control the quantity, so the robot keeps making more and more cookies. Everyone runs away from the robot and goes to Dragon's cave.
101 49
What's this smell?
"What's this smell?" May 20, 2006
Today, everyone is gathering at Pororo's house. Poby ate too much before, so he keeps farting on his way to Pororo's. While they're playing with blocks, Poby keeps running outside to fart, and his friends wonder what's going on. In the end, Poby cannot hold it any longer, and he farts in front of his friends. Everyone runs outside because of the bad smell, and Poby says sorry to his friends.
102 50
Return of Robot cook
"Return of Robot cook" May 21, 2006
After playing hide and seek in the playground, Pororo and friends head to Petty's house. When they get there, they find robot cook baking chocolate pies. While eating the delicious pies made by the robot, Loopy thought of the Dragon who lives with robot cook. Everyone gets suspicious and thinks robot cook has run away from the Dragon. Suddenly the dragon appears and friends try to hide the robot…
103 51
Virus are following me
"Virus are following me" May 27, 2006
Pororo and friends are snow sleighing together. When Pororo and Crong return home, Pororo tells Crong to wash his hands, otherwise viruses will attack him. However, Crong doesn't listen to Pororo and falls asleep while Pororo goes to the bathroom. But someone keeps poking Crong while he's asleep. When he wakes up Crong finds viruses really attacking him! Crong remembers what Pororo told him before and washes himself in the bathroom. Will the viruses stop attacking Crong now?
104 52
Watch out Pororo
"Watch out Pororo" May 28, 2006
Pororo and Crong ask Harry and Poby to go mountain climbing together, but Harry says he needs to practice singing. In the end, Pororo and Crong go by themselves and start climbing the slippery, steep mountain. It soon starts snowing heavily and their friends get worried. They go on Eddy's spaceship to rescue Pororo and Crong and finally find them. However, on their way back, one of the wings break and they fall down… Will everyone be able to return home safely?

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