Season 1
Country of Origin South Korea
No. of Episodes 52
Original Channel EBS1
Original Run November 27, 2003 - May 18, 2004
Season Chronology
Previous N/A
Next Season 2

The first season of Pororo The Little Penguin was the first season of the series aired in EBS1.


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Pororo, the mischievous penguin lives in a small village on a far far away ice island with his unlikely friends. In this village, Loopy the shy beaver, Poby the kind hearted polar bear, Eddy the smart fox, Petty the charming penguin girl and Crong the silly dinosaur all come together as good friends, best friends. No one knows how they ended up on the island, but they’ve got to stick together and make the best of it.


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No. Ep. # Image Title Airdate
1 1
We're friends!
"We're friends!" November 27, 2003
A little penguin named Pororo lived in a small forest village far in an ice world called Porong Porong Village. While having fun playing in the woods and building a snowman, Pororo finds a mysterious egg. He brings it back to his house to eat it, but the egg starts to crack and a baby dinosaur comes out. Pororo thinks the dinosaur as a monster and runs away. He passed his friends they thought he was exercising they followed him. Poby fell in the mountain next by Eddy then Loopy. Pororo slide down too as he is often scared to the baby dinasour. After they slided down, Pororo and friends introduced themselves to baby dinosaur as the baby dinosaur introduced himself as Crong. Pororo and friends glad to meet Crong.
2 2
It's All Right
"It's All Right" November 28, 2003
Poby, a kind hearted bear living in the small forest village, invites his friends Pororo, Crong, Eddy, and Loopy to his house. Pororo and friends sat for a while. While waiting, Pororo found Paby's basketball and a ring that sticks in the wall. Pororo now wanted to play basketball. He showed off his skills in basketball. Crong gave a try to shoot a basket but failed, making Eddy and Loopy laughed at him. Now, Pororo, showed off his skills again. Unfortunately, when he shoot the ball, it went to the box where Poby's camera is in. Pororo breaks Poby's favorite camera while showing off his basketball skills. Seeing how disappointed Poby is, every one try to find a way to cheer him up. The friends fixed Poby's camera and added some tripod and they took pictures together.
3 3
Ice Fishing
"Ice Fishing" December 4, 2003
Eddy is an inventor in the small forest village. One day Eddy and his friends go fishing. But being the only one who couldn't catch a fish. All of his friends caught some fish except for him. He got mad. But he had an idea to exchange places with Poby. He caught a fish but very small making Pororo and Crong laughed at him. He got shocked when he saw Poby catched a big fish. Pororo and Crong grabbed his bucket and the fish, teasing him and Crong suddenly ate the small fish, making Eddy became seriously mad. Eddy becomes mad at his friends and heads back to his house. He comes back with a sled to show off. All the others want to ride the sled, but because Eddy is still angry of the fishing event, he has the sled all to himself. When he came back at the fishing area, he saw his bucket, but it's full of fish. Eddy realized the kind hearts of his friends and started to regret. Night time, he was doing something until morning came. He surprised his friends with his new and improved sled. Pororo and friends enjoyed the sled together.
4 4
Smile, Smile, Smile!
"Smile, Smile, Smile!" December 5, 2003
Loopy is a lovely little beaver living in the small forest village. One day Loopy finds her friends making a big castle with snow and joins them. Pororo carried a large snowball so then Loopy. But Pororo and Loopy can't see ahead and bump in each other. Loopy told Pororo to look ahead. Crong threw a ball of snow to Pororo just for fun. Crong threw again a snowball to Pororo but Pororo managed to dodge the snowball but instead, Loopy got hit. Thinking that Pororo attacked her with the snowball, Loopy starts a snow fight. But when the snow fight begins to seem more than a play. Pororo threw a giant snowball to Loopy then Loopy lay in the ground. Because of this, Loopy started to cry and went home. Pororo chased her to say sorry. Loopy still mad until Crong came and throw a snowball to Pororo's head. Pororo ruined his face making Loopy cheered up. They laugh each other. Now the friends started a snow fight, Crong threw a snowball to Loopy and got hit. They thought Loopy's going to cry again but Loopy smiled and laugh. They enjoyed the snowball fight together.
5 5
What Happen to My Face!
"What Happen to My Face!" December 11, 2003
One day while Pororo was taking a nap, Crong finds some charcoal in the fireplace. Bored playing alone, Crong begins to scribble all over the house, and even on Pororo's face. Loopy comes over and starts laughing at Pororo's face covered with charcoal. Pororo finds out what Crong did and...
6 6
Achoo, I Got a Cold
"Achoo, I Got a Cold" December 12, 2003
Poby asks Eddy to help clear the tree that fell in front of Loopy's house from the heavy snow that came last night. But Eddy pretends to be sick and stays home reading comic books. Hearing of Eddy's illness, Loopy makes a visit to Eddy's house with her home-made cake only to find that he was faking his illness. Everyone becomes very disappointed in Eddy for pretending to be sick. Will this day be better?
7 7
Dream of Flying
"Dream of Flying" December 18, 2003
After reading about birds flying, Pororo starts to think that he too can fly. Climbing up a rooftop with great expectations, Pororo finds that his wings are too short to fly. Trying with bigger wings and even Eddy's rocket, Pororo still fails. In attempt to cheer up Pororo, Poby thinks of an idea and takes everyone somewhere...
8 8
Treasure Hunting
"Treasure Hunting" December 19, 2003
One day, Eddy finds an old map. Thinking that the map shows the place where treasures are hidden, Eddy heads off to find the treasure by himself. On his way he meets Pororo and Crong, and tells them that he is off on a treasure hunt. They all go on a search for the treasure...
9 9
Who Touched My Snowman
"Who Touched My Snowman" December 25, 2003
Eddy and Pororo were making a snowman together. Competing over who makes a better snowman, they start fighting. That night a strong wind blows and ruins Eddy's and Pororo's snowman. Next day, Eddy and Pororo find their snowman and suspect each other for ruining each other's snowman...
10 10
Crong the Troublemaker
"Crong the Troublemaker" December 26, 2003
One fine day, Pororo was enjoying his reading on a sofa. Crong joined Pororo, but as soon as he found the book interesting, tried to take the book away from Pororo. Annoyed by Crong's behavior, Pororo kicked Crong out of his house. But when it started to snow outside Pororo began to get worried about Crong and headed out to find him...
11 11
Let's Play Together
"Let's Play Together" January 1, 2004
Pororo was playing on the swing. When Eddy came and asked him for one ride, Pororo ignored him and didn't let him ride it. Eddy trying to persuade Pororo to come off the swing and Pororo resisting, they both hear their friends having a good time. Looking over, they find Loopy, Crong, and Poby having a wonderful time on the swing taking turns...
12 12
Can't I Have the Moon?
"Can't I Have the Moon?" January 2, 2004
Every night Crong sighs staring at the moon. Crong, wanting to have the moon, climbs up the hill with his bow and arrow to catch it. Suspicious of Crong's behavior, Pororo and friends follow Crong and find out what Crong wants. Unsuccessful with his arrow, Crong heads back to his house where his friends are preparing something for him...
13 13
Eddy's Secret
"Eddy's Secret" January 8, 2004
Eddy is faced with a big worry. His friends asked him to sing, not knowing that Eddy can't hold a single note. Knowing Eddy's little secret, Pororo and Eddy try to find a way to avoid the situation. Hinted by the juice Pororo was drinking, Eddy, the smart little fox, makes a beautiful performance with glass cups.
14 14
A Magic Flute
"A Magic Flute" January 9, 2004
Loopy and Eddy are frightened by the story of a horrible monster that kidnaps bad children and it's magic pipe. They promise themselves to be good kids. But that night when they go to bed, they hear a scary sound of a pipe and see a dark shadow popping out of the window. Eddy and Loopy rush to Poby to tell this, and find that it was Pororo and Crong's doing...
15 15
Snow Canvas
"Snow Canvas" January 15, 2004
One fine day, Loopy is in front of her house drawing a picture. Seeing her drawing, Pororo, Crong, and Eddy say nice things of the picture. Troublemaker Crong puts color paints on his hands and puts it on Pororo's face. Crong and Pororo start to fool around and Loopy's picture drops on the snow, leaving colorful flower prints...
16 16
Wanna Have a Round?
"Wanna Have a Round?" January 16, 2004
Pororo and Eddy are riding their sled on ice when Poby dropped a box filled with balls. Helping Poby put the balls back in the box with a stick, they come up with an idea of a new game. A game that whoever puts the ball in the box first wins. Maybe ice hockey was invented like this...
17 17
Crong's Christmas
"Crong's Christmas" January 22, 2004
Christmas eve... Pororo is reading a book to Crong. Crong learns about Santa Claus giving presents to good kids on Christmas. Thinking back on the bad things he did to Pororo, Crong starts cleaning the house to be a good boy. Pororo and friends notice that Crong is waiting for Santa to come and prepare a little present for him...
18 18
Loopy, You Can Do It!
"Loopy, You Can Do It!" January 23, 2004
Fearful Loopy... Pororo plays a joke on Loopy and runs away. Trying to catch him, Loopy stops in front of a bridge and starts crying. The bridge is just too high and narrow, and Loopy is too scared to cross it. Pororo and friends encourage Loopy and help her cross the bridge. With all the support from her friend, Loopy successfully goes to the end of the bridge...
19 19
Eddy and Telescope
"Eddy and Telescope" January 29, 2004
Eddy is looking through his telescope and starts laughing. He is looking at Poby falling down. Eddy is enjoying looking at his friends with the telescope while the others do not know. Suspicious of how Eddy knows everything that happened while he was not there, Pororo and friends find out about Eddy's telescope. Eddy get scolded by his friends of his rude behavior...
20 20
A Jigsaw Puzzle
"A Jigsaw Puzzle" January 30, 2004
Pororo and Crong finds a flower puzzle in Loopy's house while waiting for Loopy to come home. They start fighting over who gets to see the puzzle first and drop the puzzle scattering it into pieces. Pororo and Crong try to put the pieces together but the puzzle is just too hard for them. Loopy comes home and instead of being mad she kindly shows her friends how to put the puzzle back into a beautiful picture...
21 21
"Kite-flying" February 5, 2004
Pororo, Eddy, and Poby go out to fly kites they each made for themselves. As they flied their own kites, they started a game on whose kite flew higher and was better. Eddy, who is most competitive, made the largest kite and flew it. Eddy's kite flew high up in the sky and took Eddy along with it. Pororo and friends try to catch Eddy, but what will happen next?
22 22
Save Loopy!
"Save Loopy!" February 6, 2004
One day while passing by Loopy's house, Crong hears Loopy crying out for help. Crong rushes to Pororo for help. Pororo goes to Poby and tells him that Loopy was kidnapped by villains and is in danger. Pororo and friends make out to rescue Loopy, only to find that it was all a part of a shadow play that Loopy and Eddy was preparing...
23 23
Train Adventure
"Train Adventure" February 12, 2004
Pororo and friends go on a train trip to a near by mountain on Eddy's little train. The little train becomes a roller coaster ride, stopping on top of the hill, and dropping fast to the ground. First time on a train, Pororo and friends are about to have a fun ride...
24 24
Be Careful!
"Be Careful!" February 13, 2004
Pororo and friends gather on top of a hill to ride sled and ski. Pororo, riding Crong's sled, pours snow on Eddy by accident. Eddy follows Pororo and pays back with a heavy snow blast. Riding their sled and ski down the hill, Eddy and Pororo starts to play dangerously...
25 25
Pororo and Dandelion
"Pororo and Dandelion" February 19, 2004
One day Pororo finds pretty dandelions blooming in front of Loopy's house. Moved by the flowers, Pororo asks for some and takes them back to his house and spends the whole day admiring them. But the next day he discovers that the flowers have faded. Heart broken, Pororo stays home to watch after the flowers...
26 26
Hiccup Cure
"Hiccup Cure" February 20, 2004
Crong couldn't stop his hiccup after eating some snack behind Pororo's back. Crong is concerned that he might have a serious disease, and his friends help him stop the hiccup. Crong tries to hold his breath in attempt to stop the hiccup, but doesn't work. Everybody came up with an idea to startle Crong... Will Crong's hiccup stop?
27 27
Pororo Meets with a Whale
"Pororo Meets with a Whale" February 26, 2004
Pororo went out to the ocean to catch the ball he was play on shore, but the ball went too far away. Pororo's friends started to get worried because Pororo did not return, and Crong began to cry. Chasing the ball to a deserted island, Pororo was lost. A friendly whale came and promised Pororo to take him back home. Will Pororo be able to find his way back to the forest village?
28 28
Magnetic Play
"Magnetic Play" February 27, 2004
Pororo snatched away Crong's favorite toy with a magnet fishing pole. Amazed by how the magnet attracts iron, Crong takes Loopy's can, and Eddy's iron airplane. Pororo finds out Crong's prank and tries to stop him with a bigger magnet...
29 29
Stomach Ache!
"Stomach Ache!" March 1, 2004
Pororo and Crong were fishing in the lake together. Pororo was having his lucky day. He was catching a fish every time he put his fishing pole down. But Crong was even faster in eating what Pororo caught. Having too much fish to eat, Crong became ill. Kind hearted Pororo spend the whole night looking after Crong. Loopy gave some food to Pororo, but Crong couldn't have some even though he liked it because he had a stomach ache. The following day, Crong becomes healthy again and Loopy and friends come to Pororo's house and share a cake that she made to everyone.
30 30
Dancing Together
"Dancing Together" March 2, 2004
Loopy thought she was fat after seeing a slim beaver model in a magazine. Loopy stopped eating in order to loose weight. Poby suggest that dancing is good for exercising and cheering people up, so everybody starts dancing...
31 31
Eddy the Great Inventor
"Eddy the Great Inventor" March 8, 2004
Eddy, who is dreaming to become a great inventor, made a great invention — Eddy robot number one. Eddy performs lots of tricks with the robot in front of his friends, but all of the sudden, he looses control over the robot. The uncontrollable robot wonders around and breaks down. But Eddy's strong will for his invention is not so easily broken...
32 32
To Tell the Truth...
"To Tell the Truth..." March 9, 2004
Pororo and his friends were playing doctors and patients. Loopy finds out that Crong is hungry when she heard the sound coming from his stomach listening through a stethoscope. Amazed by the stethoscope, everybody now thinks that Loopy can find out anything using the stethoscope. Pororo, Eddy, and Poby take turns in 'Loopy's medical examine', and confess each of their wrong doing in their past. Pororo is the one who destroyed Loopy's cake, Eddy was the one who scared Poby, and Poby is the one who made the big snowball that fell on Pororo. Everyone tells the truth and apologized to each other.
33 33
Eddy Goes to the Moon
"Eddy Goes to the Moon" March 15, 2004
Eddy was looking in the sky with his telescope, and came up with the idea of going to the moon. As the inventor he is, Eddy makes a rocket, and a space shuttle, but they land in the sea or in the middle of the mountain. After all his failure, Eddy still tries one more time and makes an U.F.O. Will Eddy's space trip succeed?
34 34
Bonbon Box
"Bonbon Box" March 16, 2004
Pororo was sharing candies with Crong, but when Crong ate too much, Pororo plans to hide his candies from Crong. Trying to find a right place to hide his candies, Pororo heads out to the hill outside his house, not knowing that the box of candy was torn letting out all his candies. Pororo's friends find a trail of candy while looking for Pororo...
35 35
A Strange Car
"A Strange Car" March 22, 2004
Eddy makes a new invention for his friend to play in, a rocking car. Fascinated by the rocking car, Pororo rides it alone without sharing it with his friends. Pororo drives the car too fast and almost have an accident, but his friends help him avoid it. Pororo promises that he will never play dangerous tricks again...
36 36
Cooking Popcorn
"Cooking Popcorn" March 23, 2004
Loopy is making popcorn for her friends. Pororo and Crong smell popcorn and head to Loopy's house, but Loopy is already on her way to call for her friends. Pororo and Crong go in the empty house and Pororo opens the popcorn pan, and jump around to eat it...
37 37
Mystical Ghost Light
"Mystical Ghost Light" March 29, 2004
One night Loopy heads to Poby's house to borrow some cooking ingredients, while Crong and Pororo go to the playground to find Crong's toy. Loopy and Pororo find a dim light shinning far away and think it as a ghost's trick. Loopy hurries to Poby and Eddy for help. She decides to go after the ghosts herself with a ghost mask...
38 38
A Surprise Box
"A Surprise Box" March 30, 2004
Eddy made a surprise box that blows up and makes smoke when you open it. Eddy gives the box to Loopy, Pororo, and Crong. One by one Eddy's friends open the box out of curiosity while Eddy enjoys spying on them getting startled by the smoke of the box. But when the friends find out about the secret to this box, they trick Eddy to open his surprise box...
39 39
I Want to Sleep
"I Want to Sleep" April 5, 2004
Crong awakes at the sound of Pororo's snore. Crong can't go back to sleep because Pororo's snore gets louder and louder. Crong escapes to Poby's house, but Poby puts his heavy legs and arm on Crong and pushes him while he is asleep. Crong wanders to Eddy's and Loopy's house all night. Will Crong ever get a good night's sleep tonight?
40 40
Pororo's Surprise Party!
"Pororo's Surprise Party!" April 6, 2004
Today is Pororo's birthday... But Pororo has forgotten that it is his birthday. Pororo's friends keep talking about something behind his back and Pororo wonders what they are saying. Feeling left out by his friends, Pororo heads back to his house. What is waiting for Pororo today?
41 41
I am Superpenguin
"I am Superpenguin" April 12, 2004
Pororo and Crong decide to become a super hero after reading a super fox comic book. Pororo waits for Loopy to fall in danger so that he can come to her rescue. But when Pororo got tired of waiting, he made a trap for Loopy to fall in. By accident, Pororo and Crong falls in the trap and...
42 42
Sleepless Poby
"Sleepless Poby" April 13, 2004
Poby is enjoying his book not knowing that it was getting late. Poby is fascinated by the story of a knight on horse rescuing a princess and falls asleep at dawn. Poby becomes absorbed in reading and his sleeping hours change from night to day. Since he cannot sleep at night, Poby goes to his friend's house to play, but all his friend start falling asleep...
43 43
Crong, I'm sorry
"Crong, I'm sorry" April 19, 2004
Pororo is tired of Crong's prank. When Pororo gets startled opening a box with a toy bomb, he thinks it as another one of Crong's joke, and gets really angry. Crong says that he didn't do it, but Pororo doesn't believe him. Trying to get Pororo and Crong back together, their friends find out that the toy bomb was Eddy's, and...
44 44
Loopy Has a New Friend
"Loopy Has a New Friend" April 20, 2004
Loopy is frightened by a strange figure in the ocean. Her friends come and find out that it is a gorilla doll that says 'I love you' when you push the stomach. Loopy hides behind her friends at first, but becomes interested in the doll, and brings it back to her house. Does the doll belong to Loopy?
45 45
Lost in Forest
"Lost in Forest" April 26, 2004
Pororo went snowboarding and gets lost in the forest. Not knowing the direction, Pororo is frightened by the wind and echo sounds. Meanwhile, Pororo's friends search for Pororo with Eddy's compass. Pororo is found, thanks to the compass, and every one is safely returned home.
46 46
Loopy the Fortunteller
"Loopy the Fortunteller" April 27, 2004
Loopy reads about fortune telling with a petal. She tries it and predicts that it will snow. Soon after it starts snowing, and Loopy thinks that her fortune telling is correct. Loopy tells her friends that she can tell the future, and predicts that Poby will catch a big fish. But Poby didn't catch anything. Loopy's friends started to tease her. But wait... It seems like Poby caught something. Will Poby really catch a big fish just as Loopy said?
47 47
Eddy's Balloon
"Eddy's Balloon" May 3, 2004
Eddy makes a big balloon for his friends. But the balloon gets too big and takes Eddy off his feet. Pororo and friends find Eddy hanging on a tree. Pororo climbs up the tree but breaks one of the branches, putting Eddy in danger. Pororo thinks calmly and makes a balloon to save Eddy...
48 48
A Day of Pororo's Town
"A Day of Pororo's Town" May 4, 2004
Poby and his friends meet at Loopy's house at 10. They test Eddy's new invention, an all-purpose cooking device, and make popcorn till 12. Everyone play with blocks until it's past 6:30. They all have what Poby and Eddy made for dinner and go home. After a reading a bed-time story for Crong, the clock shows that it is 9 o'clock. Night falls in the forest village and everyone goes to sleep.
49 49
A Magic Lamp
"A Magic Lamp" May 10, 2004
Eddy was coming home with stuffs that Poby threw out. On his way he dropped an old lamp, which was found by Pororo. Pororo thinks the lamp is a magic lamp and tells his friends. Loopy, Poby and Eddy decide to make Pororo's wish come true by becoming the lamp genie so that he would not be disappointed. Poby pretends to be the genie. The friends give Pororo wishes.
50 50
Little Cooks
"Little Cooks" May 11, 2004
Bored by their old games, Pororo and friends think of a new way to have fun. They decide to each make lunch and share it together. Next day everyone gets together at Loopy's house. Loopy prepared a pretty cake, and Poby a sardine dish. Pororo made cookies, and Eddy made a healthy salad. Crong came with a fruit juice. When everyone tested it, Crong's juice tastes awful. However, everyone enjoys their meal.
51 51
Loopy's gift
"Loopy's gift" May 17, 2004
One day, Loopy measures Pororo's neck size and tells him not to ask why. Pororo gets curious and peeks into Loopy's house and finds out that she is making a muffler. Pororo heads home with a smile, thinking that Loopy is making the muffler for him. Next morning, Pororo heads to Loopy's house with some flowers, but finds Eddy and Poby waiting in front of her house.
52 52
A Magic Can
"A Magic Can" May 18, 2004
Eddy made a telephone by connecting cans with a string. Pororo, Loopy, Poby and Eddy now can talk to each other at their house with the can telephone that Eddy made. Pororo and friends talked through the night with this new invention of Eddy's.