Vital statistics
Title Robot
Gender Boy
Race Robot
Status Alive
Location Eddy's House, Rody's House

Rody (voiced by Jeong Mi-sook) is one of the main characters of the animated series Pororo the Little Penguin. Rody invites the cast in the third season. He is the second character who does not appear in Seasons 1-2

Personality Edit

Originally lives with Eddy for a time, but given his tremendous strength and lack of social skills it becomes impractical for Rody to continue living there. As a result, Eddy later builds him his own house nearby; a large oval shaped structure made of thick sheet metal. Fiercely loyal and obedient, he is often grateful for any kind gestures the gang bestows upon him.

Looks Edit

Rody is a yellow robot who Eddy tried to build him and invites Pororo and friends in the third season. He has catlike ears,a permanent grin and can stretch his arms and legs.

Bio Edit

Season 3Edit

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