Pororo Meets with a Whale
Season 1, Episode 27
Pororo Meets with a Whale
Air date February 26, 2004
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Pororo Meets with a Whale — twenty-seventh episode of the first season animated series Pororo The Little Penguin.

Plot Edit

Kiss Pororo and fish

Kiss Pororo and fish

Pororo went out to the ocean to catch the ball he was play on shore, but the ball went too far away. Pororo's friends started to get worried because Pororo did not return, and Crong began to cry. Chasing the ball to a deserted island, Pororo was lost. A friendly whale came and promised Pororo to take him back home. Will Pororo be able to find his way back to the forest village?

Video Edit

Pororo S1 27 Pororo Meets with a Whale05:02

Pororo S1 27 Pororo Meets with a Whale

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