Pororo's Special Present
Season 5, Episode 19
Air date April 28, 2014
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Let’s Put On a Play!

Pororo’s Special Present — nineteenth episode of the fifth season animated series Pororo the Little Penguin.

Plot Edit

Crong’s birthday is quickly approaching. Compared to all the great birthday presents his friends are preparing, Pororo is having difficulty coming up with a good idea until Crong said that he wants a genie when Pororo read a book for Crong. However, Crong used Pororo too much so that Pororo becomes unhappy. Pororo goes out because he's upset. When Crong reads Pororo's card, Crong feels sad and cleans the house for Pororo. Pororo is still unhappy, so Crong shows his drawing to Pororo, then Pororo and Crong becomes happy again.


Pororo S5 19 Pororo's Special Present11:01

Pororo S5 19 Pororo's Special Present

Today Its Crong's Birthday Just Like Little Kate Ashby Sisters Birthday Party

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