Vital statistics
Gender Boy
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Status Alive
Location Pororo and Crong's House

Pororo (voiced by Lee Seon in Korean; English voice by Anna Paik in Season 1, Samia XI in Season 2 and Monique Lee in Season 3-present) is main protagonist of the animated series Pororo the Little Penguin.

Personality Edit

Pororo is a little penguin that marks him as the titular character of the cast of friends. Pororo wears big round orange aviator goggles and a tan-coloured aviator cap. He is 8 years old (9 in Season 3, 10 years old since Season 4) and the leader of the group. He often gets into various types of mischief with his friends, which includes trying to fly and playing practical pranks on his friends. Pororo resides in a pine-tree house with Crong, his dinosaur friend and little brother. He has a crush on Petty. Loopy admires him and tends to like him more than a 'friend'. Petty is his 'Dancing Partner' in the Dance Festival with the dance "Freeze in your Position" (Pororo Sing-Along). In the third season, Loopy tells a tale about Pororo will marry Loopy, but Pororo denied and saying, "But I want to marry beautiful Princess Petty." He likes playing the electric guitar.

Looks Edit

He wears orange racing goggles. In season 1-2, he wears a colored-tan aviator cap. In season 3-6, he wears a blue aviator jumpsuit and a yellow racing helmet, golden gloves and a matching bandana. h

Bio Edit

Season 1 Edit

In "We're friends!", Pororo wanted to make a snowman, but found a egg and brought it with him into her house to make an omelet. When Pororo wanted to break an egg, but unfortunately, because of the eggs hatched dinosaur Crong. A monster scares Pororo and he runs away. Crong not realizing what makes Pororo, running after him. As a result, Pororo understands that Crong harmless creature.

In "It's All Right" Pororo visiting Poby using the ball, sshibanul shelf and his camera is broken, by accident. Pororo and his friends fixed Poby's camera.

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Season 2 Edit

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Season 3 Edit

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=== Season 4 === He wears the season 3 outfit for second time in this season


Pororo S2 15 Pororo Shrunk

Pororo S2 15 Pororo Shrunk