Vital statistics
Title Bear
Gender Male
Race Polar bear
Status Alive
Location Poby's House

Poby (voiced by Kim Hwan-jin in Korean; English voice by Ty Olsoon) is one of the main characters of the animated series Pororo the Little Penguin.

Personality Edit

Poby is a polar bear that lives out by a glacier. His age is 15 (16 in Season 3, 17 years old since Season 4). Poby is the largest of all the characters and has a very gentle nature. He enjoys fishing and photography and does most of the village chores. His instrument is the drums. He has a crush on both Petty and Loopy.

Appearance Edit

In the first season, Poby does not wear any clothes. But in the second season, he wears jeans overalls. In the third season until present, Poby wears a white shirt and dark blue pants.

Bio Edit

Season 1

Poby is the largest character among the group. He doesn't wear any clothes like the rest of his friends. Poby likes helping his friends, playing with them, and fishing.

Season 2 Edit

In Season 2, Poby wears jeans overalls. He is the only characted with full clothing in Season 2. In the episode, "I Envy You", Pororo and Crong were envious of Poby because of his height and strength. In the episode "What's this smell?", Poby gets a gas problem because of eating too much.

Season 3 Edit


Poby as a round, inflated balloon.

In Season 3 forward, Poby wears a white shirt and dark blue pants. Even though he wears a green shirt and cream pants for the first seven episodes of Season 3. In the episode "Flying Poby", Poby says that he wants to fly. So, Tong-Tong helps him fly but instead Poby becomes inflated like a large, round balloon. However, Pororo helps Poby deflate to normal size. Poby sneezes and farts to slowly take air out of his body. In the episode "Got a cold?", Poby was thought of getting a cold because of some pepper goes into his nose. In the episode "Fun Picnic", Poby broke his leg due to rushing.

Season 4 Edit

In Season 4, Poby wears the same clothing in Season 3.

Season 5Edit

Nothing much changes in Season 5. Poby still wears the same clothing like in Seasons 3 and 4. Poby appears to have a slow nature in the episode "It’s OK to Be a Little Slow". In the episode "Dreams Gone Bad" it is revealed that Poby still wants to fly, at least in his dreams.

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