Playful Nyao
Season 3, Episode 23
Playful Nyao
Air date July 20, 2009
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Baseball star, Rody
Petty and Nyao

Playful Nyao — twenty-third episode of the third season animated series Pororo The Little Penguin.

Plot Edit

Today everyone is going to Tong-Tong's house on Eddy's hot air balloon. At that time Tong-Tong is heading out to find a material to use for his magic wand to turn his cat doll Nyao into a tiger. Wall clock and Nyao are left alone in Tong-Tong's house. They end up chasing each other when Pororo and friends arrive at Tong-Tong's house. Nyao and Wall clock pretend to be a doll and sit still. Petty picks up Nyao and says that it is a pretty looking doll. Nyao falls in love with Petty and tries to follow her home without Tong-Tong knowing... How will Nyao do that?

Video Edit

Pororo S3 23 Playful Nyao05:02

Pororo S3 23 Playful Nyao

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