Play with Crong
Season 3, Episode 19
Play with Crong
Air date July 6, 2009
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Play with Crong — nineteenth episode of the third season animated series Pororo The Little Penguin.

Plot Edit

While Pororo is taking a nap, Crong makes a wonderful castle out of building blocks. Crong wants to show his castle to Pororo and play with him. He tries to wake Pororo. But sleepy Pororo just briefly wakes up and reads a book that Crong gave him and falls back to sleep. Crong heads out of the house disappointed and finds the others playing badminton. Crong is not good at playing badminton so the others do not let him play. Poor Crong… Does anyone know what Crong is feeling right now?

Video Edit

Pororo S3 19 Play with Crong

Pororo S3 19 Play with Crong