Petty and Nyao
Season 3, Episode 24
Petty and Nyao
Air date July 21, 2009
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Playful Nyao
Mischievous wind

Petty and Nyao — twenty-fourth episode of the third season animated series Pororo The Little Penguin.

Plot Edit

Everyone is at Petty's house today. They are listening to Petty reading a fairy tale. Tong-Tong is getting ready to go to Petty's house. Nyao, the kitty is insisting on following Tong-Tong to Petty's house. Worried that Nyao would cause trouble, Tong-Tong says that Nyao can't go. But this doesn't stop Nyao from going. How will Nyao go to Petty's house? And what will happen there?

Video Edit

Pororo S3 24 Petty and Nyao05:01

Pororo S3 24 Petty and Nyao

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