Vital statistics
Gender Female
Race Pinguin
Status Alive
Location House Petty's

Petty (voiced by Jeong Mi-Sook (original Korean language), Hannah Swain (English, Season 2), Samantha K. Daniel (English, Season 3-present)) is one of the main characters of the animated series Pororo the Little Penguin. She joins Pororo and friends in Season 2.

Personality Edit

Petty is a female penguin. She is the same age as Pororo's age. The guys are shown to have a crush on her, but she seems to be oblivious about it, but she admires Pororo and comes to like him more than a 'friend'. Pororo often finds himself dumbfounded when she comes around. Petty is shown to be very active, is not a very good cook (mostly on cookies)excels in sports, and has a bit of a fear of spiders. Petty lives in a cabin made by her friends. She has a bit of a crush on both pororo and Eddy.

Appearance Edit

Petty wears a winter cap from the second season onwards and she wears a purple winter dress from the thrid season onwards. Her instrument is the violin.

Bio Edit

Season 2 Edit

In the episode "Hello, Friends", Pororo is with friends playing hide and seek, and during the game Pororo and Petty met, then she meets her friends. Loopy takes Petty to her house, and Loopy gives Petty something to eat. Then the friends find out that Petty is super fast, is the best at sports, is nimble, and scared of spiders.

Season 3 Edit

She has a dark purple dress and a hair band that is round.

4 season Edit

      5 season     Everyone finds out that petty is very brave and she has a chance of proving it when pororo asks her to go into a really dark and deep cave


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