Playful Nyao
Vital statistics
Title Toy kitten
Gender Male
Race Cat
Status Alive
Location Tong-Tong's house, Petty's house

Nyao is minor character of the animated series Pororo the Little Penguin.

Personality Edit

Nyao is a toy kitten who likes causing trouble with his naughtiness. In the episode "Playful Nyao", while Tong Tong is away, Wall Clock. Which Nyao had taunting on him. He then was now been owned by Petty who become his owner.

Appearance Edit

Nyao has brown hair, light brown palms, feet, abdomen and face around the mouth. Nyao wears a red bandana with the image of fish skeleton.

Bio Edit

3 season Nyao first appears in the series "Playful Nyao", Nyao was animated magic Tong-Tong Nyao discontent that Tong-Tong is not turned him into a tiger. Tong-Tong said that he needed a stick of pine, and goes to make a stick of pine. Nyao began to scoff at clock and then began to run away from them. Nyao result was pinned down for clock. Then, a little later in the House of Tong-Tong come Pororo and his friends. Petty calls Nyao pretty Nyao fell in love with Petty. When Pororo went home Nyao decided go with them, but failed, Nyao fell over to Tong-Tong.

In the episode "Petty and Nyao", Tong-Tong went to Petty's house. Nyao also wanted to go, but Tong-Tong refused to take him. So, Nyao tied a rope to the Tong-Tong's tail and went with him. When Tong-Tong landed Nyao admitted that he wanted to go to Petty's. Nyao continues to live at Petty's.

In the episode "Amazing Magic Wand" where Nyao asked a magic wand to stop Pororo and Crong from snoring. But awakened Crong started this magic wand in rezzultate Nyao disconnected.

In the episode "Cleaning Trouble" Nyao decided to celan Petty's house. Nyao during cleaning spiled then Pororo and Crong came . They helped him clean the entere house.