Loopy Has a New Friend
Season 1, Episode 44
Loopy Has a New Friend
Air date April 20, 2004
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Loopy Has a New Friend — forty-fourth episode of the first season animated series The Little Pinguin Pororo.

Plot Edit

Loopy is frightened by a strange figure in the ocean. Her friends come and find out that it is a gorilla doll that says 'I love you' when you push the stomach. Loopy hides behind her friends at first, but becomes interested in the doll, and brings it back to her house. Does the doll belong to Loopy?

Video Edit

Pororo S1 44 Loopy Has a New Friend05:02

Pororo S1 44 Loopy Has a New Friend

Loopy Got a Friend Just like Bambi Flower Just call Me If You Want too

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