Vital statistics
Title Beaver
Gender girl
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Status Alive
Location Loopy's House

Loopy (voiced by Hong So-yeong (original Korean Language), Michelle Ruff (English, Season 1), Hannah Grace (English, Season 2), Caelyn Shin (English, Season 3-present)) is one of the main characters of the animated series Pororo the Little Penguin.

Personality Edit

Loopy is a pretty, young female beaver who is often the voice of reason in the show. She is very shy, sensitive, and sometimes she can be a little princessy. She is 7 years (8 in Season 3, 9 years old since Season 4). Loopy lives in a hollowed out log and often invites visitors over. She enjoys cooking; she is especially fond of baking cakes and pies for her friends. She is also horrible at sports. Pororo and Eddy were always tying for her attention until Petty becomes introduced later. Loopy is jealous of Petty's beauty, that she's good at everything (except for cooking) and that everyone likes her.She has a crush on Eddy and also admires Pororo the most. She always goes to Pororo's house and brings him some desserts and in Season 3, her made-up tale indicates that Pororo will marry her but Pororo denies because he wants to marry Petty. She likes playing a white piano. she is also a friend with Petty

Looks Edit

In Season 2, she wears a simple hair clip. She wears a pink sailor dress and a flower barrette on the head in Season 3-5.

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