Harry and the Magical Spring Water
Season 5, Episode 25
Air date May 19, 2014
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Harry and the Magical Spring Water — twenty-fifth episode of the fifth season animated series Pororo The Little Penguin.

Plot Edit

More and more often, Harry ends up going home early because he can’t stand the cold while playing outside with his friends. Feeling sorry for Harry, his friends go to Tong-Tong to see if he can help. Tong-Tong tells them of a magical warm spring where Harry and them can play together. Everyone gets excited and goes looking for the magical spring. Meanwhile, ignorant of his friends’ surprise plan and feeling left out, Harry does training exercises in order to beat the cold.


Pororo S5 25 Harry And The Magical Spring Water11:01

Pororo S5 25 Harry And The Magical Spring Water

Is Just a Good Spring And Water Just like Jimmy neutron Spring Water

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