Vital statistics
Title Hummingbird
Gender Boy
Race Hummingbird
Status Alive
Location Poby's house, Harry's Birdhouse

Harry (voiced by Kim Seo-yeong (original Korean language), Hannah Swain (English, Season 2), Sachiko Hara or Jenny Cho (English, Season 3-present)) is one of the main characters of the animated series Pororo the Little Penguin. Harry invites the cast in Season 2. He is the second and last character to do not appear in Season 1.

Personality Edit

Harry is a wayward hummingbird who lost his way from Summer Island and found his way into Pororo and friends' neighborhood. He is 5 years (6 in Season 3, 7 years old since Season 4). Harry can be quite temperamental, and he loves to sing, but his singing is usually not well received by his friends. He lives in a tiny cabin inside of Poby's house and wears a big purple bow tie. He is warmhearted with his joyful, happy songs. He sings "Ribbit Frog" in some of the episodes. He sang the same song with Poby in "Singing Passion", a Season 3 episode.

parece Edit

Harry tiene plumas de color rubi con algo de amarillo alrededor de la boca. El usa un traje azul con una raya blanca y una corbata de moño morada. En la temporada 3, Harry creció las piernas de color azul.

Bio Edit

Segunda temporada Edit


tercera temporada

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