Get Well Soon, Loopy
Season 5, Episode 13
Air date April 7, 2014
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Get Well Soon, Loopy — thirteenth episode of the fifth season animated series Pororo The Little Penguin.

Plot Edit

Loopy has caught a cold. She can’t taste anything so she’s unable to cook. The friends tell Loopy to stay home and rest because they want her to get well soon. Then, the friends get hungry. So they went to Poby's house to cook some fish dish, but, it tastes weird. But Loopy, unaware of their intentions, thinks that they are leaving her out and feels sad. Contrary to Loopy’s imagination, everyone is so worried about her that they can’t play or eat properly. So they decide to climb the mountain to find herbs for Loopy’s cold. Feeling left out, Loopy heads toward Tong-Tong’s house in order to cure her cold. Just then, Pororo and his friends went to find the plant called The Earth. Crong finds it and he was a genius. The friends saw Loopy faint and the friends to her back to Loopy's house. Back home, Petty makes tea to make Loopy better. It tastes bitter. Loopy's cold is gone, So she bakes pie for them. Then, the friends all caught Loopy's cold. The friends went to Rest.


Pororo S5 13 Get Well Soon, Loopy

Pororo S5 13 Get Well Soon, Loopy