Fun Picnic
Season 3, Episode 49
Fun Picnic
Air date October 19, 2009
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Fun Picnic — forty-ninth episode of the third season animated series Pororo The Little Penguin.

Plot Edit

Today is the day Pororo and friends go on a picnic, but Poby and Harry over slept. Poby rushed to their meeting place and hurt his leg on the way. Poby can't walk so he tells his friends to go without him. But the others can't leave Poby alone. Eddy brings his car so that Poby wouldn't have to walk. On they go in Eddy's car. They are at a hill when Eddy's car comes to a stop. It's broken. With Poby in the car, the others pull the car up the hill…

Video Edit

Pororo S3 49 Fun Picnic

Pororo S3 49 Fun Picnic

Pororo And His Friends Are Going Picnic Just like Total Drama Picnic At Hanging Dork Poby Hurt His Leg Reored Sound From Americas Funniest Home Videos Falling Down Stairs