Flying Poby
Season 3, Episode 20
Flying Poby
Air date July 7, 2009
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Flying Poby — twentieth episode of the third season animated series Pororo The Little Penguin.

Plot Edit

Everyone is playing rock-scissors-paper in front of Pororo's house. Tong-Tong comes from the sky to see them. Poby says that he is envious of Tong-Tong's ability to fly. Tong-Tong uses his magic to make Poby fly. Kurikuri Tongtongtong! Kurikuri Tongtongtong! Change! On Tongtong magic Poby's body rises and starts floating in air. But before Poby is happy about the fact he is flying, Tong-Tong says that he doesn't know the magic to put Poby down. Poby grabs on to a branch and asks Tong-Tong to undo his magic. Tong-Tong uses magic again. But instead of going down, Poby's body turns larger and rounder like a balloon. Poby becomes too light, his grip becomes loose and Poby flies high into the sky. As Poby is flying, he is caught by Rody. Harry comes along to ask whether or not Poby is tired, then sings a song for Poby. However, Poby doesn't like the song and asks Harry to stop. Tong-Tong uses his magic again, only to make Poby's body much larger. As Poby's body gets larger, Loopy, Petty, Eddy, Crong, and Harry hold on to Rody so that Poby will not fly away. However, they fly high into the sky along with Poby because Poby is a really big and light balloon. As Poby and the others are flying high into the sky, Poby apologizes to his friend until Rody's grip eventually becomes loose, causing him and the others to fall. Lucky for them, Tong-Tong flies to save them. Pororo flies to Poby and tells him how to get down. In fact, Poby's body is just inflated with air. Poby has to slowly take the air out of his body. At first, Pororo tried helping Poby by helping him sneeze. Poby sneezes, and the sneezing works! Much air comes out of Poby's body, and Poby deflates into a smaller (but still a big) balloon. Then, Pororo continues to fly to Poby, only to find out the fact that Poby can't force sneeze. Pororo thinks of an idea to get Poby down and it is to have Poby let out gas. Lucky for them, Poby can force let out gas. Poby deflates a little every time he lets out gas. Finally, Poby is deflated and his body is back to normal. However, he can't fly anymore because he is not a balloon. Luckily, Pororo flies to catch Poby before he keeps falling. After arriving at Pororo's house, everybody is happy and Tong-Tong apologizes for what happens. It looks like Tong-Tong should practice his magic a bit more!

Trivia Edit

  • This is the second episode where Poby farts. The first one being "What's this smell?", and the third one is in the Season 5 episode "Rody’s True Friends". However, instead of being a problem to Poby, Poby has to fart to slowly take out air from his body and get back to his size. Also, the the episodes "What's this smell?" and "Rody's True Friends", Poby farts because he eats a lot of food, while in this episode, Poby farts because he has too much air in his body.
  • This is the first episode where Tong-Tong uses magic to accidentally inflate one of his friends. The second one is "Tu-tu and Tongtong". However, Poby is inflated using the balloon spell twice without being deflated by and Tu-Tu gets inflated only once by a transformation spell, then deflated, and inflated once again using another transformation spell (then deflated again using another spell). So, Poby is inflated bigger than Tu-Tu.
  • Poby is inflated to a large size in this episode. In fact, inflated Poby is bigger than Pororo's plane. Tu-Tu, however, is only as big as Poby.
  • In the episode Tu-tu and Tongtong, Tu-tu is inflated because of Tong-Tong's magic but Tu-tu doesn't float like Poby. Also in that episode, Tong-Tong deflates Tu-tu with magic, but in this episode, Tong-Tong only inflates Poby like a large balloon.
  • In the episode "Dreams Gone Bad", Poby wants a dream where he is flying, just like in the beginning this episode. However, it turns out to be bad dream — Poby was flying a few inches above the ground.
  • In reality, Poby will float only if he is inflated with helium, not air. In the episode "Eddy's Balloon", all Eddy's balloons float even though they are filled with air.
  • Actually, when Poby is inflated by the balloon spell, the flying spell has already worn off because when Poby deflates, Poby keeps falling instead of floating.
  • When Pororo helps Poby sneeze, Pororo is actually using Tong-Tong's wand for helping Poby sneeze.
  • When Poby is inflated using the balloon spell for the first time, a sound of a balloon being inflated by and air tank can be heard, meaning that Tong-Tong has actually turned Poby into a round balloon when he tries to undo his magic. However, Pororo only realizes this later. Pororo and friends think that Poby has turned rounder or fatter even though Poby is actually turned into a balloon.
  • The soundtrack that is played after Pororo helps Poby sneeze is actually the credit song, Good Friends. This song is played when Pororo is with Poby while he is still a balloon, then when Poby farts, and when Pororo and Poby are in Pororo's plane.
  • When Poby is inflated into a balloon, Poby's pants button can be seen, unlike when he is deflated, where the button is not visible. Even when Poby is only filled with some air, his pants button will still be visible.
  • In the Naver game, Poby seems very happy being inflated. While in the episode and the Android game Poby doesn't like being inflated.

Other Media Edit

There is a game in where a player has to click Poby, who is inflated like a balloon, to make him deflate by farting. Poby will deflate when he farts for 4 times (unlike in this episode, 9 times). Once Poby has farted for 4 times, the game ends and restarts. Poby gets reinflated and the player can make him fart again (for 4 times). The game was set in the playground.

There is an application for Android about Pororo (but only in Korean language) with 7 games. Each game consists of several mini-games and is about a "Pororo The Little Penguin" episode, one of them is about this episode. The game (about this episode) consists of 3 mini-games: a sticker game, a tap game, and a coloring game.

Video Edit

Pororo S3 20 Flying Poby05:02

Pororo S3 20 Flying Poby

Gallery Edit

Episode Edit

Game Edit

Naver Site Edit

Poby is in the playground and he needs to fart. Click on Poby's body to make him fart.

Android Game Edit

Sticker Game Edit

Oh, no! Poby's getting larger and round like a big balloon. Poby is now flying high in the sky. Pororo, Tong-Tong and Eddy fly high to help Poby.

In this game, there are four stickers: Pororo, inflated Poby, Tong-Tong, and Eddy. The player must place the stickers to complete the picture and continue the story.

Tap Game Edit

Poby is high up in the sky. If he wants to go down, Poby must slowly release all the air from his body. With so much air in his body, Poby must fart to release gas from his body and deflate to his original size.

In this game , the player must tap on Poby so that he will let out gas from his body until he deflates.

Coloring Game Edit

Phew, that was close! It's a good thing Pororo catches Poby before he keeps falling.

The player must color the picture to complete the picture and continue the story.

Ending Story Edit

Poby gets down safely on the ground. All his friends are relieved to see Poby.

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