Eddy’s Christmas Present
Season 4, Episode 20
Air date May 3, 2012
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Eddy’s Christmas Present — twentieth episode of the fourth season animated series Pororo the Little Penguin.

Plot Edit

With only a few days left before Christmas, Pororo and his friends are complimenting each other saying that they will all get a present from Santa. Listening to his friends, Eddy thinks he hasn’t done any nice deeds to deserve a present. Suddenly, he tells everyone that he has something to do and leaves. But after Eddy leaves, his friends mention all the nice things Eddy has done, and agree that he will also get a present from Santa. In order to get a present, Eddy decides that it’s never too late to do a good deed. So, he goes around the village trying to find his chance, but nothing arises. In the end, Eddy isn’t able to do anything. Thoughts of not getting a present prevent him from going to sleep. It just so happens, that Santa Claus’ sled breaks down next to Eddy’s house. Will Eddy get a Christmas present from Santa?


Pororo S4 20 Eddy's Christmas Present

Pororo S4 20 Eddy's Christmas Present

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