Crong the Great Painter
Season 2, Episode 9
Crong the Great Painter
Air date December 31, 2005
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A Pretty Hair Pin

Crong the Great Painter — ninth episode of the second season animated series Pororo The Little Penguin.

Plot Edit

Crong is admiring a picture book with beautiful flower pictures in it. Crong starts drawing while Pororo was not in the house. Pororo comes home to find that the place was filled with scribbles. Pororo tells Crong to clean all the drawings. Pororo falls asleep in his cleaned house, and when he woke up he finds the place messed up again. There's even scribble on Pororo's stomach! Pororo goes to the playground to find Crong and...

Video Edit

Pororo S2 09 Crong the Great Painter05:02

Pororo S2 09 Crong the Great Painter

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