Crong and Harry Have Disappeared!
Season 5, Episode 15
Air date April 14, 2014
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Let’s Make a New Sled
Let’s Go to Tongtong’s House!

Crong and Harry Have Disappeared! — fifteenth episode of the fifth season animated series Pororo the Little Penguin.

Plot Edit

Mad at their roommates, Harry and Crong both leave their homes. They decide to run away together. The others discover their disappearance and go look for them. Meanwhile, Crong and Harry are slowly getting tired of each other’s pranks and singing and wish to go back home. A sudden strong snowstorm forces them to take shelter in a cave, but they get trapped when the entrance gets blocked by snow. Eventually, the friends find Crong and Harry after Pororo recognizes Crong’s footprints, and Poby makes out Harry’s voice. Harry and Crong realize once again just how precious their dearest friends are.


Pororo S5 15 Crong and Harry Have Disappeared!11:01

Pororo S5 15 Crong and Harry Have Disappeared!

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