Vital statistics
Title Dinosaur
Gender Male
Race Dinosaur
Status Alive
Location Pororo and Crong's House

Crong (voiced by Lee Mi-ja in Korean; English voice by Cathy Weseluck) is one of the main characters of the animated series Pororo the Little Penguin.

Personality Edit

Crong is a little green dinosaur that lives with Pororo. He is discovered one day as an egg, which hatches later and is adopted by Pororo as a little brother. Crong is the youngest of the group. His age is 3 years (4 in Season 3, 5 years old since Season 4). He is usually with Pororo and is constantly getting into trouble. He is also known as a troublemaker.

Appearance Edit

In season 1, he does not speak, but only can say his name, "Crong!" to communicate, but in later seasons he can say Pororo's name and a few basic words. In seasons 3-6, Crong wears a light blue aviator jumpsuit, a red bandana and matching glovers. He likes play the trumpet.

Bio Edit

Season 1 Edit

Crong was born in a series of "We're friends!" Pororo first thought that Crong is the only monster, but then realizes that Crong is a harmless creature.

Season 2 Edit

In "Crong's First Word" he can speak.

Season 3 Edit

Crong wears red gloves, a matching bandana and a light blue junpsuit.

Season 4 Edit

Crong wears the same season 3 outfit for second time in this season.